A Swedish success story

Carbon dioxide emissions, climate changes and the uncertain future of oil combine to present one of the biggest challenges facing modern society. In Sweden, cooperation between Volvo and other parties has become a winning model for creating a market for renewable fuels. This was a fact Volvo wanted to communicate to the international press.


Sweden is a country with strong environmental traditions. With a vehicle market expected to increase, it became necessary to rapidly introduce renewable sources of fuel. This was done at an early stage in Sweden. Cooperation turned out to be a winning model for creating a market for renewable and alternative fuels. Volvo was one of several important parties in this cooperation.


Six parties (the Swedish government, municipal authorities, vehicle manufacturers, fuel producers, fuel suppliers and consumers) have worked together towards a common goal from the beginning. With all this work in place, Volvo wanted to promote the Swedish way of expanding the environmental vehicle market. The main target for this communication was the international press and an upcoming big event in the car industry was identified as the right time to promote the initiative.


A hot topic with a lot of facts, an interesting model of cooperation…how could this be communicated to the press? It needed to be something that was eye-catching, rich in content, and easy for the journalists to bring home. The interactive press kit “Environmental cars – A Swedish success story” was the answer. It included an interactive presentation describing how the six stakeholders worked together. Also included were texts prepared for use in articles, a photo archive and much more. The material was presented in seven different languages, nicely wrapped and ready to bring home.

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