Employer branding

ST-Ericsson is a joint venture between ST-NXP Wireless and Ericsson Mobile Platforms, two of the world’s leading wireless semiconductor and platform companies. ST-Ericsson contacted us for a worldwide implementation of the new brand, targeting the company’s 8 000 employees.


A lot of effort had been put in to create a new brand platform and a more modern visual identity. But very little had been said about how to create commitment to the brand in the most important target group – the employees.


Considering the nature of ST-Ericsson’s business and the complexity of their products, it became clear early in the process that communicating the brand only through traditional marketing activities would not have the desired effect. The value of the brand depended heavily on how the employees interacted with the customers in their day-to-day work. The question was: How do we get 8 000 employees to understand and commit to the new ST-Ericsson brand?


Together with ST-Ericsson, we decided that developing an employer branding concept was the right way to go. Our aim was to create a story about the brand where the employees played the leading role. We wanted to find a way to communicate this visually as well as in the content. The result was a digital platform called The ten brand commandments, where each commandment was presented by ST-Ericsson employees from different parts of the world.

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