Let's create it!

Once a year, the entire mobile industry gathers in one place – The mobile world congress in Barcelona. ST-Ericsson asked us to come up with an idea of presenting their products in an exciting way.


The annual mobile world congress in Barcelona is the year’s most important event for the mobile industry. During the years, a lot of innovations that have changed the mobile industry have first seen the day of light in Barcelona.


Since MWC first and foremost is an event for the industry, the main focus is always technical innovations. ST-Ericsson wanted to communicate a lot of content in an environment where everybody is fighting for attention. Our job was to present the content in a way that was intriguing enough to capture the audience, and get them to keep watching.


We knew right away that simply presenting the products would not be good enough. The idea of doing an animation that combined ST-Ericsson’s eye-catching brand elements with the products turned out to be a winning concept. The result: A two-minute animation with a special composed sound theme presenting the ST-Ericsson products.


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