ST-Ericsson - U8500 animation

We were asked to create an animation for one of ST-Ericsson’s hero products – The U8500. The U8500 is the first mobile platform with full High-Definition 1080 camcorder. With its combination of a dual-core SMP processor and a high-end 3D graphics accelerator, the U8500 enables a full web-browsing experience for next-generation smartphones.


The U8500 is one of ST-Ericsson’s most important hero products. There are a lot of expectations on the product that combines several technologies in one chip, offering a world of possibilities for next-generation smartphones and portable devices.


ST-Ericsson wanted to create something different from the quite product focused marketing material they had been using so far. The wanted something unique and attention catching that visually communicated all the cutting-edge features of the U8500.

The expectations on the U8500 are huge, both from ST-Ericsson and from the market. At the same time, we didn’t have more than three weeks to complete the entire project – from idea to delivery. Needless to say, we really felt the pressure of creating something truly great, in record short time.

Gilles Delfassy, ST-Ericsson’s President and CEO, hosted the premiere screening at Capital Markets Day in Stockholm.


We basically got free hands in developing the concept for the animation. We decided early not to go for any ideas that involved using smartphones or any other portable device. There were several reasons for this, but the most obvious was that we wanted to focus on ST-Ericsson’s role as a high-tech state-of-the-art platform provider. We felt using smartphones in the animation would bring us too close to animations typically created for mobile phone manufacturers.

Instead, we wanted to communicate a feeling of greatness that reflected the opportunities made possible through the U8500 platform. We also wanted to give the entire animation a high-tech feeling, in line with ST-Ericsson’s core business. The basic idea was to give the impression of a futuristic big city when looking from a distance, but as the camera moves closer, we wanted the viewer to realize that everything actually takes place in a small chip.


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