Sibylla - Welcome to Sibylla

Sibylla is one of Sweden’s most known brands. At the time undergoing a strategic change with the goal to offer ”The same great taste everywhere”. We were asked to design a concept for an efficient business-to-employee campaign targeting almost 200 restaurants with 1 500 employees.


With a brand new strategy in place for the entire fast food chain, the need for change was obvious. The question was: How could this be implemented among 1 500 employees spread out all over Sweden?


The new strategy “same good taste everywhere” called for change among all employees – both in knowledge and attitudes towards the guest. The objectives were:

::: To establish quality assurance of both taste and service.
::: To secure a fast and efficient knowledge boost of all employees.
::: To increase the sales per guest with proactive additional sales.
::: To minimize the loosing of guests.
::: To build loyalty among franchise owners by supporting them professionally.

It was clear that any traditional way of communication wouldn’t be enough.


We realized that in order to reach out and make a difference among the employees it had to be both very hands-on and thrilling. The idea of an interactive campaign was the right way to go. The production allowed all employees to learn the new Sibylla meals, as well as interact with guests. The campaign also included two on-line competitions with high scores. The competitions generated a lot of traffic – it seemed like everybody had their mind set on conquering the top position on the high score list! The result: fun and a lot of new knowledge. Along with the campaign, we provided a web based tool for Sibylla to follow all the statistics.

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