New work procedures implementation

ONE (E.ON ES) is one of the Nordic region's leading one-stop suppliers in the fields of energy technology and contracting. We were asked to help ONE implement and communicate new work procedures targeting approximately 1 500 employees located across Sweden.


ONE offers to help their customers all the way within three areas: energy production, energy distribution and energy use. Each area faces their own unique challenges, which require many different kinds of special competencies. ONE works with huge projects within the energy sector that must be handled according to legislation and standards. If not, it can have severe consequences, both financially and for the environment.


The success of ONE’s projects depends heavily on all employees following standards and procedures for tasks included in the projects. ONE had done a great job with developing an ambitious business system, containing all necessary processes as well as instructions and procedures for different work tasks. But, as we see in many cases, getting all employees to understand and work according to the procedures is often a difficult job. Our job was to develop a smart way for ONE’s employees to use the procedures in their daily work, and to create interest and motivation for a new way of working.


After a pre-study we realized there were three main problems which we had to address: the information was hard to find, the character of the information was not adapted to its purpose and poor interaction design of the channel where the information was presented.

The first thing we did was to rethink the interaction design of the channel where the information was presented. Then, we created a new area with easy step-by-step instructions for each task and connected the mandatory documents to each task, making sure that everything you needed for a certain task was found in one place. We also created a close connected between a person’s business role and the information that was displayed. This enabled us to only display the work processes and procedures that were relevant to specific roles, in specific project making the information much easier to use.

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