McNeil - Strategy implementation

McNeil is part of the global health care company Johnson & Johnson with 114 000 co-workers in 57 countries. We were asked to help McNeil to implement and communicate a new global strategy within the area Global Regulatory Affairs. The main purpose of GRA is to make sure that products developed within the healthcare industry are of high quality and comply with existing legislation.


McNeil has developed several well-known and popular products such as, Nicorette, Magnecyl and Treo. A crucial part of the company’s business is to make sure the products are effective, hold high quality and comply with the legislation on markets around the world. But GRA also has other pro-active purposes, such as to create growth and educate stakeholders within the medical industry.


The global GRA department at McNeil had developed an ambitious strategy for their area, including vision, mission, strategic areas, KPIs and tactics. It was vital that affected parts of the global organization were familiar with the strategy and understood what it meant to them in their everyday work. This posed quit a challenge since the strategy included many parts and was to be implemented in a global organization of considerable size where many different stakeholders compete for the employees’ attention.

Our job was to create attention and positive attitudes towards the strategy and make sure that the affected co-workers knew what it meant to them in their everyday work.


The first thing we did, was to try to develop a creative concept that would create attention for the strategy and give us something to wrap the strategy around. It needed to be something that was relevant, suited for the culture at McNeil and at the same time be eye-catching enough to stand out in the organization. After struggling with the concept for a while, we finally agreed upon the name North Star. The connection to the strategy as a guiding light was clear, and it gave us the creative space we needed to create attention for the strategy.

We created a logotype for the strategy with a star as the vision and guiding light in the centre, and the five strategic areas as planets at the star’s edges. To spread the strategy in the organization we developed an interactive North Star universe where the employees could get information about the strategy and follow the progress of the KPIs.

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