Intranet strategy & design

Grontmij is a technical consultancy company that each year carries out around 6 000 projects for more than 1 000 clients. Grontmij wanted to increase the quality and efficiency in their work by carrying out projects according to a pre-defined process. We helped them make it happen.


A well-defined work process is crucial for guaranteeing quality, efficiency and profitability in Grontmij’s projects. Grontmij was already using a business system, which contained all the necessary processes, but needed help with implementing it in the organization and increasing the usage among the employees.


Everyone working at Grontmij are experts within their field. Each person has their own unique role in the projects and need different tools to carry out their job efficiently. At the same time, they need to have the big picture and have a clear view of where in the process they fit in.


The strategy and the business system were in place. But the content was not aligned with the company’s most important communication channel – the intranet. One business system, one intranet. Why not join these? And aim for a powerful daily tool that simplifies the daily work for Grontmij’s 800 consultants. Together with Grontmij we developed and implemented a new way of working. The result included a new user-friendly design, improved content with easy step-by-step guides, and a launch plan to make it happen.

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