Grontmij - Intranet launch

Jubla has previously helped Grontmij to implement an easier and more efficient way to work. We also created a launch plan for the entire project. One of the main features was an interactive animation explaining what everybody needs to know to get started – quick and easy.


Together with Grontmij, we had previously integrated the business system with the intranet, creating a powerful daily tool that simplified the daily work for Grontmij’s 800 consultants. The result included a new user-friendly design, improved content with easy step-by-step guides, new smart features, and launch plan to make it happen.


Re-designing and implementing a new intranet always involves lots of challenges. Many communication departments breathe a sigh of relief when the last piece of information is published and quickly pushes the start button. In that moment, they’ve missed the opportunity to turn something really good into something truly great.

Our experience shows that building a successful intranet involves more than analysis, information structuring and user-friendly design. In fact, the entire projects success depends on how you launch it in the organization. If you fail to create positive attitudes, and forget to tell people how to use it, there’s a great risk that your new intranet wont be the success that you’ve hoped for.


We helped Grontmij develop a launch plan for their new intranet containing lots of different activities. Our goal was to make sure everybody got a good start and provide a quick overview of the most important features. One of the main ideas was to create an interactive animation featuring Grontmij’s Managing Director explaining what everybody needs to know to get started – quick and easy.

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