Grontmij - The competence Star

Grontmij is a technical consultancy company that each year carries out around 6 000 projects for more than 1 000 clients. We were asked to help them strengthen their employer brand by improving the communication of their career paths and increasing the quality of the employee discussions.


Grontmij is Sweden’s most innovative technical consultants. The company takes pride in challenging the industry’s accepted truths and has done so with great success. Instead of getting caught in rigid technical solutions, Grontmij has always focused on what truly matters – smart and cost-efficient solutions that meet their clients’ needs.


Grontmij has been very successful the last few years with projects such as Citybanan, Hammarby sjöstad and nya Öresundsverket in their portfolio. Needless to say, the number of employees has steadily increased, and there is still a great need to recruit new talented people.

One of Grontmij’s great challenges is to find, and keep, the best creative and business-minded people in the industry. Grontmij already offers their employees great opportunities to grow and develop, but needed help to communicate this in a clear and concrete way.

All Grontmij employees start their career as consultants. But what made things a bit more complicated, is that there are three ways to develop from there – the management way, the technical way and the business way. What made it even more challenging, was that it was crucial that the visual communication didn’t give the impression that one way was better than the other.

Furthermore, Grontmij also wanted to find a way to connect requirements for the different positions to the yearly employee discussions – making it easy for existing employees to see what’s required to reach a certain position.


We started with creating a concept that described the development opportunities for present and future employees at Grontmij. We wanted to find a visual expression that felt fresh and modern, was easy to understand and fulfilled the client’s requirements regarding that every way should be considered equally important. We struggled a bit with this but finally came up with a career path concept in the shape of a three-armed star, which also fitted nicely with the concept for the yearly employee discussions.

For the early employee discussions, we came up with a concept called The Competence Star. Grontmij has chosen three characteristics that are important for all employees. What we did was to map different levels of the characteristics against the different positions in the career paths, creating a visual representation of the competence required for a certain position.

This makes it possible to target areas the employees need to improve to reach a certain position, increasing the quality of the competence development activities. For Grontmij’s employees, The Competence Star provides a concrete roadmap to the job of their dreams. At the same time, Grontmij as a company continues to build knowledge and strengthen their human capital with a new powerful tool.

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