My climate footprint

During the years, E.ON has carried out several external campaigns focusing on climate issues. People from the Jubla team have been their creative partner in this work, managing the campaigns interactive parts. This time, we were asked to create an interactive experience helping consumers to understand their climate footprint.


Today, both people and companies are focusing on our climate and there are several important issues to consider. The aspect that E.ON wanted to highlight, is the fact that we all can make a difference when it comes to CO2 pollutions.


A lot of figures and a lot of knowledge – the climate concerns us all. We were facing the risk of taking on a too big scope and miss the target. The question was: How do we create an interactive experience where people actually get to experience how their actions affect the environment?


Together with E.ON, we realized that the production needed to be very straight to the point. Something that could be implemented on, and something very hands-on. It needed to be a short eye-opener, and still be filled with knowledge.

The solution: My Climate footprint – a highly interactive personal calculator. In just a couple of minutes you’ll know: How do I affect our climate. Instantly and right on spot!

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